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After Care

Grieving families are usually in no position to be thinking about what happens after a funeral. That's why we at Foster & McGarvey Funeral Homes are here to help.

For most of us, there will never be a day quite like the one following the funeral of a loved one. Energy spent in preparing for the funeral gives way to profound weariness. With fewer distractions, the reality of loss seeps into places we may not have even known existed.

People around us ease back into their routine. It's hard to imagine how anyone could think clearly or even care about the many things that need to be taken care of following a loved one's funeral.

That's where Foster & McGarvey's After Care comes in.

We offer After Care because we know it makes a difference to the families who have entrusted us to help them in their time of loss and from the losses we have experienced in our own family.

A trained After Care Counsellor helps you begin the healing process by providing valuable "hands-on" assistance with many of the tasks (large and small) that must be dealt with. Bank account updates, timely insurance claims and Canada Pension Plan benefits are among the most pressing matters facing a survivor and may impact your financial well-being. We are ready to help you tackle them.

Here are some of the most common questions families have asked us in the past concerning our After Care program.

Are there additional costs for After Care?
No! After Care is an exclusive follow-up program from Foster & McGarvey to the families we serve.

Is the After Care Counsellor employed by Foster & McGarvey Funeral Homes?
Yes. All of our After Care Counsellors work exclusively for our funeral home.

Can the After Care Counsellor come to my home?
If that's what you feel comfortable with - then sure! Or you can meet our After Care Counsellor at one of our three chapel locations. Most families prefer to meet in the comfort of their own home and may even invite other family members to the appointment.

How soon after the funeral does the After Care Counsellor contact me?
Some programs like the Canada Pension Plan Benefits, may not be retroactive, meaning if a surviving family member qualifies for survivor benefits, those benefits only begin when the application is made and do not cover the time between the date of death and when the application is submitted. This is one of the reasons why our After Care Counsellor will contact you soon after the funeral.

Why does Foster & McGarvey Funeral Homes offer such a service?
We know firsthand how difficult it is for grieving families to deal with unfamiliar tasks following a loved one's death. We see it all the time. After Care is our way of showing those who have entrusted us to help them in their time of loss with us that our service to their family does not end with the funeral service. And once again, no additional charges will ever be involved.