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DVD Tributes

► Why have a DVD tribute?
A DVD tribute is a wonderful way to honour your loved one. It can be played during a funeral service or memorial reception to help personalize this difficult yet special day of celebration for your loved one's life. After the funeral, it can be handed down to future generations of family members and cherished as a precious keepsake for years to come.

► Can we produce our own DVD tribute as a family?
Yes.  With the permission of your pastor or minister, you may produce and play your own DVD tribute for any service held at a church.   We can also accommodate tributes made by the family in any of our three Reception Centres;  however, tributes played in our chapels must be produced by our technicians to ensure that the DVD will play properly on our theatre system.  

Please speak to the Funeral Director overseeing your loved one’s funeral to learn more about converting a “home-produced" tribute for playback on our chapels' theatre systems.

► How do I get started? 
First, gather all the photos you wish to include in the tribute.  Next place them in the order in which you want them to appear. We suggest beginning with the earliest photos and ending with the latest in the chronological sequence of your loved one's life. Once you have put the photos in the desired order, number them on the back in the upper right-hand corner with a pencil rather than a pen, as the ink may transfer from one image to another once the photos are stacked. For group shots, make a note of where your loved one is in the picture. After you are done, use elastics to keep the photos together in the proper order.

Digital/scanned photos can be submitted either on a CD or a USB storage device.  All images must be saved by a numerical file name: (i.e., 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.).

► How long does it take to produce a DVD tribute?
It usually takes about 48 hours. Arrangements can be made to complete the tribute in less time if necessary.

► How many photos do I need to produce a DVD tribute? 
The number of photos you use must correspond to the total running length of your tribute. We recommend no more than 60 pictures if the tribute is going to be played during the funeral service.  If you wish to use more pictures as part of a longer tribute, we would advise playing the DVD at the memorial reception instead. 

► What type of photos can I use to create my video tribute? 
You can use black and white or colour, scanned (digital) or actual photos.  We do require that all photos be removed from frames and/or photo albums. 

► Can I play the DVD tribute at home?
Yes, you can. Our DVD tributes are compatible with all models of DVD players made for use within North America.

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