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Sign Language Interpretation Available

The ability to communicate is essential to all aspects of funeral planning. At Foster & McGarvey, we believe that the deaf and hard of hearing must have access to the communication mode that best facilitates and enhances their full participation in the funeral planning process. It is their right to have such support made available to them.

A Sign Language Interpreter is a person who is fluent in both English and ASL or English and another form of Signed Language. This person acts as a communication link between the hearing and the deaf or hard of hearing by interpreting from one language into the other.

Whether you require an interpreter during the planning phases of the funeral, during the funeral service itself, or even during the after-care, phase we will find one for you.Please contact us to make your ASL, Signed English, Oral or Sign Assist interpreting arrangements. Deaf interpreters are also available for those who require alternative communication services.

Note: Team interpreting (i.e., two or more Interpreters working co-operatively) may sometimes be required depending on the length of the assignment, the number of people who need interpretation and/or the complexity of the task. It is important to consult with the interpreter(s) when determining whether more than one interpreter is necessary.